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Wentworth Institute of Technology

600 kW Gas Fired Cogeneration Unit, which produces 2,500 lbs/hour of low pressure steam through a Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG).  Steam is utilized in the central plant for a variety of uses including the production of chilled water through the existing steam absorption chillers.





Johnson & Johnson/Transform Pharmaceuticals

250 kW Packaged Trigeneration System manufactured by Aircogen, a division of Dresser-Rand. In addition to 250kW of electrical power, this unit also produces 75 tons of chilled water for building air conditioning and 1,314 MBH of hot water for building heat, while also reducing CO2 by 45%, which equates to planting 265 acres of forest.
J&J/Transform Pharmaceuticals will gain $221,156.00 in operating cost savings through the implementation of this system.
J&J/Transform Pharmaceutical was named "Business Leader for Energy Efficiency" by the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership, Inc. due to the success of this project. This project also won the 2009 NEEP Award.


Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School

320 kW cogeneration system, which consists of a 70 kW micro-turbine and a 250 kW reciprocating unit.  The intent of this system is to perform peak shaving duties during the on-peak periods of the day and carry the full building load during the off-peak hours.

The waste heat from these units is used to help produce heating hot water in the winter as well as domestic hot water.  During summer months, the waste heat hot water is directed to an absorption chiller to produce 75 tons of chilled water to help offset the cooling needs of the school.

This project was awarded $144,000.00 in utility rebates and incentives.





Boston Scientific Corporation CHP Project

Marlborough, MA

550 kW Packaged Trigeneration System, which consists of a 550 kW gas fired reciprocating engine generator and a 130 ton hot water absorption chiller. This packaged system was factory fabricated by Aircogen (a unit of Dresser-Rand) and designed to be installed outside on a concrete pad. Heating hot water and chilled water were piped into the existing building�s hot water and chilled water systems in the central plant. As engineer of record, Griffith & Vary, Inc. was responsible for the overall system design as well as the power and thermal integration. This project won the "AEE Best CHP Project in New England Award, 2010"