Griffith & Vary, Inc.
Consulting Engineers

Electrical * HVAC * Plumbing * Fire Protection

Wayne E. Mattson, P.E.

Mr. Mattson is Principal and Mechanical Department Head who has over 25 years of experience in the heating, ventilating and air conditioning industry.  He has been involved in a myriad of projects including commercial, industrial, institutional, educational and healthcare facilities.  His design experience ranges from complex, phased renovation projects to large, new inpatient hospital construction, as well as high pressure steam and chilled water plant design.  As a project manager, he typically follows projects from conceptual design through construction administration.  Additional responsibilities include the study of existing facilities and the development of reports producing recommendations based on life-cycle cost analysis of various HVAC systems.

Robert C. Bravo, P.E.


Mr. Bravo is Principal and Electrical Department Head who has over 20 years of experience in design of electrical systems for projects throughout New England. His designs have included electrical, telephone, cable TV, and fire alarm services, power distribution, generators, uninterrupted power supplies, lighting, telephone/data/video infrastructure, fire alarm systems, and security systems, and lightning protection systems. Types of projects completed include educational, municipality, health care, housing, commercial, institutional, and sound stage studios. All projects undergo an extensive review by Mr. Bravo before completion of contract documents. His mastery of applicable codes helps to prevent change orders during construction.

Walter J. Araujo

Mr. Araujo is an Associate Engineer and Department Head of Plumbing and Fire Protection. His experience in the field of Plumbing and Fire Protection makes him a great asset and leader to our company. Mr. Araujo has over twenty years experience in designing plumbing and fire protection systems for medical, institutional, government and retail projects. He supervises all of the plumbing and fire protection projects. Mr. Araujo takes pride in his work and takes a hands-on approach to all aspects of his engineering; this includes scheduling, drafting, design and calculation.